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Xiamen ninth batch "double 100 talents" enterprise.


    "Double hundred plan" in xiamen municipal party committee, municipal government in 2010 the introduction of high-level personnel policy, with fiscal investment 150 million yuan a year, plans to use 5 ~ 10 years, the introduction of 100 overseas high-level talents, 300 leading entrepreneurial talent. The policy after the launch, has successfully selected eight groups of "double hundred plan" personnel, a total of 79 overseas high-level talents, and 557 LingJunXing entrepreneuria talents selected, talent start-ups output is is expected to be reach more the 3 billion yuan this year. According to statitics,wiht the drive of the “double hundred” talent project, The breakthrough number of overseas students back to Xiamen has reached ten thousand people,and 91 of them have been selected in the National Thousand Talents Program, More than one thousand of entrepreneurial talent teams from the outside come to Xiamen to start their business in the last three years.and its progress and significantly more than expected.

    At present, in Xiamen,the talent amount of all kinds of talents has reached 700000. There are 13 Academicians of both Academies ,91 experts in the National Thousand Talents Program ,183 people(team) in the provincial Hundred Talents,434 municipal top talents,more than 600 experts enjoying the special allowance of the state council and nearing 10,000 overseas students backs to China.