Nanguang Hi-Tech (Xiamen) Laser Co., Ltd, is a Sino-foreign joint venture founded by overseas returnees. It develops and produces high-end new ultrafast lasers and laser equipment for precision manufacturing, creating the core force of intelligent manufacturing.

The core members come from the University of Southampton, University of South Wales, Xi' an Institute of Optics  and Machinery, Changchun Institute of Optics and Machinery, Fujian Institute of Optics and other international universities and optical research institution, with an international vision and technical level, but also understand the product demand of the Chinese market.  With an average of more than 10 years of experience, we are well aware of customer needs and market hot spots, proficient in manufacturing processes, familiar with product characteristics, and committed to providing customers with industrial lasers with high stability, high performance and high life.

The company has nanosecond ultraviolet laser, green laser, picosecond seed source and picosecond laser and other core patented products, and can customize special lasers, including single frequency, vector polarization, high energy, high power, specific wavelength, tunable lasers. Some products have a leading position in the country, reaching the international level, can provide professional system solutions and services for enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities and other units. 

The company has a strong laser industry integration ability, proficient in manufacturing technology, products are widely used in biomedical, new energy, semiconductor, 3C consumer electronics, 3D printing and other industries, committed to providing customers with high stability, high performance and high life of laser and laser equipment.

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